The announcement of President William Ruto’s visit to Nyamira County to commission an affordable housing project in Sironga Village has caused an uproar among some residents.

While the President’s intention to address the affordable housing crisis in the area is commendable, many feel that he should have focused on other pressing issues such as advocating for the completion of the stalled Manga Stadium or the establishment of a university in the region.

The delay in completing Manga Stadium has been a source of frustration for the people of Nyamira County. The stadium, which was started in 2013, has been marred by corruption allegations and mismanagement of funds, leading to its stalled construction. Many residents feel that the President should have used his visit to push for the completion of this important project that would benefit the youth in the area by providing a platform for sports and recreation.

According to the residents establishment of a university in Nyamira County has been a long-standing demand for a long time now.

“The lack of access to higher education institutions has hindered the development of the area, resulting in a brain drain as young people move to other regions in search of educational opportunities. It would have been a great opportunity for President Ruto to address this issue and push for the establishment of a university, which would not only provide educational opportunities but also boost the local economy.” A resident told Nyamira Daily.

Despite the disappointment expressed by some residents over the President’s focus on affordable housing, leaders from the region have supported his move claiming that the provision of housing is a crucial aspect of development.

Recent research shows that many Kenyans are facing the high costs of housing, particularly those in low-income areas. The President’s efforts to address this issue by commissioning an affordable housing project in Sironga will provide decent housing for many families in the area, ultimately improving their standard of living.