Azimio party leader Raila Odinga has announced that his party will not resort to violence or storming Statehouse on Momday 20th, but instead will appoint a few representatives to deliver a memorandum to President William Ruto wherever he may be.

The memorandum is expected to contain the opposition’s concerns about the state of the country and its leadership, and will be delivered in a peaceful and respectful manner.

“We shall not storm Statehouse but we shall appoint few representatives to deliver a memorandum to William Ruto wherever he will be.” Raila said in an I interview with a local TV station.

This decision comes amid rising tensions in the country, with many opposition supporters frustrated by what they see as a lack of progress and accountability from the government.

Mr. Odinga has emphasized the importance of peaceful protest and constructive dialogue in bringing about change, and has called on his supporters to remain calm and patient.

The Monday 20th demonstrations has been met with mixed reactions from both the government and the opposition. Some have praised Mr. Odinga’s commitment to putting checks on the government, while others have criticized his decision to send representatives rather than leading the protest himself.

As the country prepares for the next general election, tensions are likely to remain high. However, Mr Odinga’s announcement serves as a reminder that peaceful protest and constructive dialogue can be powerful tools for change, and that violence and unrest should be avoided at all costs. The coming weeks and months will be a critical time for Kenya, and it remains to be seen how events will unfold.