A family in Tabaka, South Mugirango in Kisii county woke up to find a coffin outside their house. The coffin was shockingly engraved with a photo of the man of the house, who is still alive. The family was terrified and bewildered by this mysterious occurrence.

According to the family, they had no idea who could have left the coffin at their doorstep. They immediately reported the matter to the local authorities, who are currently investigating the incident. The police have not yet made any arrests, and the motive behind the coffin’s delivery remains unclear.

The man whose photo was engraved on the coffin was shaken by the incident. He expressed his fear and disbelief that someone could do such a thing. The family is now living in fear, not knowing what the coffin’s presence means or who could be behind it.

The incident has caused a stir in the local community, with many speculating about the possible reasons behind the strange delivery. Some believe it could be a warning, while others think it could be a case of witchcraft.

Residents from the region have asked the authorities to beef up security measures in the area since they’re now living in fear since such an incident has never happened in the past.