Kisii governor Simba Arati has made a bold promise to expose ghost workers from the former governor’s regime. This has generated a lot of buzz in Kisii County and beyond.

The governor while speaking at the Kisii stadium has emphasized the need to identify and eliminate ghost workers from the county’s payroll to save public funds and improve service delivery.

“On Thursday 9th March I will expose how people ate billions of shillings from the county coffers and I have pledged to make sure that residents from each sub-county are watching how their money has been spent since I took office,” Arati said.

Ghost workers are a significant problem in many African countries, including Kenya. They are fictitious employees who receive salaries and benefits from the government without actually performing any work. This practice is a form of corruption and deprives genuine employees of the resources they need to perform their duties effectively.

Ghost workers are also a drain on public funds and can severely limit the government’s ability to deliver essential services to citizens.

Governor Simba Arati’s promise to expose ghost workers from the former governor’s regime has been termed by residents as an important step towards improving accountability and transparency in Kisii County.

“It demonstrates his commitment to fighting corruption and promoting good governance. If successful, this effort could save millions of shillings in public funds, which can be redirected towards essential services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.” Said one resident.

Governor Simba Arati’s pledge to expose ghost workers in Kisii County is a positive development that should be welcomed by all. It is essential to ensure that public funds are used wisely and for the benefit of all citizens.