President William Ruto has today answered Azimio party leader Raila Odinga over the anti-government rallies he is organizing in the country.

Ruto while speaking in Korogocho Nairobi county during the launch of the Nairobi Rivers Commission claimed elections ended in August and now they’re focused on serving Kenyans.

“I want to assure you that we finished elections and chose leaders last year August and the work we have remained with is not about positions but serving these Kenyans here and I want to ask our opponents to give us time,” Ruto said.

Ruto further said Raila Odinga and his Azimio battalion had five years of handshake where they should have solved prices of unga but they failed and it’s time for the opposition leader to give the government time to deliver what they promised Kenyans. Ruto also rubbished the ongoing Azimio rallies claiming they will add nothing to solving problems facing the country.

“I want to ask those guys (Azimio) you had your five years of handshake to change the economy but the price of unga was 230 since we took power we have brought unga prices to 180, give us time and you can’t scare us with demonstrations you will eventually stop,” Ruto added.

Raila who has been organizing anti-government rallies was today in Nairobi Jivanjee gardens where he gave the government 14 days to reduce the cost of living and stop the IEBC hiring process or else they conduct mass actions countrywide. 

“Mr Ruto’s illegitimate administration has 14 days to reduce the cost of living and halt the IEBC hiring process. Azimio will mobilize mass action if they fail, and there will be no turning back. Ruto, your time is up. Deliver for the people or face the consequences.” Raila posted on his Twitter handle.

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