Azimio party leader Raila Odinga has promised to continue with his anti-government rallies in each county promising to have a one-of-its-kind in Mt. Kenya region soon.

Speaking in Kitui county at the burial ceremony of Azimio spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua’s brother Raila rubbished DP Rigathi Gachagu’s sentiments of likening the government to a company.

“We are being told that this government is like a company with shares if you supported it you have more shares of development than those who voted for us (Azimio) we don’t take his statement lightly because that’s what they’re doing,” Raila said. He further claimed the Kenya Kwanza government has sidelined some parts of the country in its representation.

The Azimio party leader further claimed that the Ruto-led government has not fulfilled anything they promised during campaigns and the government is only increasing taxes with the high cost of living in the country.

“They (Kenya Kwanza) promised Kenyans a lot of things but they have fulfilled none since they took the mantle, the only thing they are increasing are taxes with nothing tangible done, even the representation in this government is not balanced since two tribes dominate government appointments,” Raila added.

Raila further claimed that he will continue organizing the ongoing anti-government rallies across the country, he revealed they will be having prayers tomorrow at Jevanjee gardens in Nairobi, Sartuday in Kakamega, Sunday in Kitale and next week in Kiambu Mt. Kenya region.

“I want to tell you a time is coming for now we are engaging Kenyans as we collect your views, tomorrow we will have prayers at Jeevanjee gardens, on Sartuday we will be in Kakamega and on Sunday at Kitale, we shall also have a big rally in Kiambu next week.” The Azimio party leader revealed.

Raila asked the Kitui residents to continue supporting Azimio as they fight for their stolen victory and a better country.