Suna East member of parliament Junet Mohammed who is serving his third term in office under the Raila-led ODM party has slammed Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over his recent remarks on who should be served by the Kenya Kwanza government first.

The second in command was speaking in Kericho yesterday and pointed out to the opposition for trying to get what they never fought for, Rigathi likened the Kenya Kwanza government to a company with shares and shareholders.

“We had to look after you people, this government is a company with shares and in any company, there are those with a huge number of shares, others with a few shares and others with no shares,” Rigathi claimed.

Gachagua further claimed that in any company the highest shareholders get a bumper harvest compared with those with few shares, he added that those who supported the Kenya Kwanza regime led by President William Ruto are the highest shareholders compared to those who supported the opposition.

“You people invested in this company of President William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua and it’s a must you harvest from what you sowed, some people are against me speaking the truth but they should know each one will harvest from this government but you people should be considered first, elections have a meaning and people should understand this, people can’t insult president Ruto during campaigns but now you want to be served first before even those who supported us harvest what they sowed that won’t happen,” Gachagua added.

While responding to the deputy president’s remarks, Suna East member of parliament has slammed the remarks by questioning whether Kenyans should continue paying taxes to a company that belongs to a few individuals.

“If The government of the Republic of Kenya has become a company with shareholders then How will all Kenyans pay TAXES to a company belonging to two individuals.” Junet posted on his Twitter page.

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