Earlier today residents of Nyamira county woke up with sad news after the body of a Nyaikuro secondary school teacher was found floating on a water reservoir.

The 38-year-old English and literature committed suicide and left a heartbreaking suicide note, his body was found floating on a well in Ting’a market. From the suicide note he left, he claimed he has been threatened for a long time by a woman who had promised to end his life.

“I have not been myself since I was threatened through SMS by (name withheld) she said killing me is not a big thing and I wait, I have been having strange feelings.” Read part of his suicide note.

The teacher who has since been identified as Mr Joseck Ondara further claimed that he had two groups of debtors, one was of a father and three sons whom he claimed owed him Ksh800,000 for a piece of land he sold to them.

He further claimed the second group was of conmen who swindled him Ksh700,000 and this made his life turn worse. Through the note the English Literature teacher revealed it was through death, he will free himself from the humiliation.

“I have lived a life of humiliation and desperation something is not right with my life, my wife has other instructions on my burial.” Read the suicide note.

While eulogizing the departed teacher netizens led by his colleagues and his former students eulogies him as a soft-spoken man who transformed many lives.

The residents of Ting’a village have also asked the authorities to either fence the well or completely close it since it has claimed several lives since its establishment.