Former Prime Minister and Azimio party leader Raila Odinga has sent a warning to the Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza government after a faction of Azimio supporters were injured in Kisii county on Saturday 18.

The incident happened on Saturday evening at the Kisii Central Business District where pro-Azimio supporters clashed with pro-UDA supporters.

Raila speaking through a memo condemned the incident and claimed the UDA government should stop using force in stopping his supporters from attending his countrywide rallies. Raila claimed that the government should face him directly rather than using state operatives to attack his supporters.

“Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition party strongly condemns the incident in which UDA operatives, working with state officers and well-known criminals invaded villagers in Kisii, hacked people and destroyed property. The victims of this attack were youth who attended the very peaceful Azimio rally in Kisii on Friday.” Read part of Raila’s letter.

Raila further claimed the attackers were led by a well-known criminal with several warrants of arrest to his name. He further asked the police to take action against the criminals who participated in the attack.

“The attackers were read by a well-known jailbird and hardcore criminal with several warrants of arrests to his name, which is an indication that we are back to rule by thuggery and hooliganism. Action must be taken on the criminals who participated in this attack otherwise people will have no option but to protect themselves in the best way they can.” Added Raila.

Raila is currently organizing countywide political rallies where he has been bashing the Kenya Kwanza government over the hard economic situation in the country.