Thirdway Alliance party leader and former presidential candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot have now claimed the Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza government is a one-term government.

Dr. Aukot took to his Twitter page to claim that the current government has failed to implement the promises they gave Kenyans during the campaigns even after staying six months in government.

“Now we know the campaign promises were all lies. Even the hyped “Plan” was a hoax. This will be a one-term government.” Dr. Aukot posted.

The Thirdway Alliance party leader was responding to a video clip of the deputy president telling governors that they had no more money to add counties and that if they wanted to hang or whip them the government is helpless.

“So if you want to hang us we are helpless, if you want to remove our trousers and whip us on the buttock go ahead we don’t have the money,” said DP Rigathi Gachagua in the video clip.

Dr. Ekuru Aukot’s words were met with harsh reactions from those supporting the Kenya Kwanza government, the chairperson of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers David Ndii asked the former presidential candidate to organize an alternative leadership and questioned him what happened to his Thirdway Alliance party.

“Why aren’t you organizing alternative leadership? What happened to your third force and all that.” David Ndii replied.

The Thirdway Alliance party leaders’ sentiments come a few days after other leaders led by Azimio party leader Raila Odinga have come out to claim that. President William Ruto has not revamped the economy of the country as he promised during his campaigns. Raila Odinga has organized three political rallies in the country and has also given president Ruto an ultimatum to resign from the presidency and dissolve the Kenya Kwanza government claiming it’s an illegitimate government.