Earlier today, a video of teachers forcing primary school kids conduct indecent acts went viral, and netizens bashed the teachers for what they termed as an erosion of manners.

The police have arrested the six teachers from Kisii County after netizens called on the ministry of education to conduct a thorough investigation concerning the clip. In the video that sparked public uproar, the pupils were compelled by the teachers to conduct the indecent act of lying on top of each other as the teachers laughed loudly.

While taking to social media, a Kisii cum blogger Abuga Makori took to his Twitter account to call on the ministry of education to come out and explain whether those are the kind of teachings the competence-based curriculum was meant to teach children.

“This video was seemingly captured in Kisii or Nyamira counties. Teachers are heard enjoying what they are forcing these learners to do. Did CBC demand that our children are taught homosexuality in schools? Please, CS Ezekiel Machogu, come out and explain what’s happening here!” Read part of Abuga Makori’s post.

According to Nyamache OCPD Kipkulei Kipkemboi, he has confirmed that the incident happened at Itumbe DOK Primary School in Nyamache.

The six Everline Moraa, Gladys Kenyanya, Angelicia Joseph, Moraa Nyairo, Cathrine Mokaya, and William Isoka, were arrested after Ministry of Education officials in the county led by Nyamache Sub-County Director Linet Onduso visited the school after receiving the clip.

The six teachers are being held at the Nyamache police station, waiting to be arraigned in court tomorrow.