A woman from Nyanchwa Kisii County is crying for justice after her biological mother plotted with his brother and sold her five year old son.

Faith Bosibori Nyaega, the mother of five, is a businesswoman at Daraja market, selling groceries. She recalls how early last year, her mother called requesting her grandchildren to live with her since their grandfather was sick. After the grandmother emphasized being given the kids, Faith did nothing but transfer them to his ancestral home in Mogonga, where they have been living.

“Early last year, my mother called me requesting me to give her my kids to stay with her since our dad was very sick, I denied her the request, but after two weeks, she again called with the same request,” Faith narrates.

Faith narrates that later in the year, they lost their dad, and after the burial, she tried to ask her mother whether to leave with her kids; she got opposition from both her brother and mother, requesting her to leave them to stay with them till December.

“Later that year, we lost our dad, and after the burial, I engaged my mother on whether I should leave with my kids, but I got strong opposition from both my mother and brother, and I had to leave them with her,” the mother of five told the YouTuber.

Faith narrates that she has been visiting her kids regularly until 9th December 2022 at 9:00 PM when she received a call from her mother claiming that her five year old kid got lost and they were in the process of searching for her.

Upon receiving the sad news, she traveled to her home in Mogonga. Upon reaching, she tried to question her mother about where her kid had vanished, but the mother became speechless.

Faith tried to question her other kids, and they narrated how a woman visitor came to their grandmother’s place and stayed with them for two days. On the third day, she washed their younger sibling and dressed her. When their uncle realized the kids were suspicious, he sent them to fetch water, and upon returning, they found their sister missing with the visitor.

“When I got the call that my son got lost, I traveled home that night. When I tried to ask my mother where my daughter had vanished to, she became speechless; when I tried to interview my other kids they narrated how a woman visitor visited them and stayed with them for two days, and on the day the kid got lost, the woman also vanished.” Faith narrated.

The emotional mother of five says she reported the issue to the Kenyenya police station, and since then, her child has not been traced, Faith believes her mother sold her kid, and she knows better where the child is. She calls on the authorities to step in so that her child can be found.