Earlier today, First Lady, Mama Rachael Ruto, joined Kisii residents and leaders led by governor Paul Simba Arati, Kisii County First Lady Kwamboka, Kisii county woman rep Hon. Donya Toto and other leaders attended prayers organized by Embassy Chapel Bishop Peter Morwabe at Kisii primary grounds.

Governor Simba Arati, upon given time to speak, recalled during the campaigns how they visited the church. When Bishop Morwabe asked congregants to have their handkerchiefs swinging, he was astonished to find out they were all from the UDA party. Governor Simba thanked the church for its support during the last general elections.

“I remember my first time to visit this church was during the campaigns with my deputy Dr. Monday, who is a close friend of Bishop Morwabe; I was surprised during the sermon when the Bishop asked everyone to swing their handkerchiefs in the air that almost all were of UDA party,” Arati said

Simba Arati won the Kisii county gubernatorial race after garnering 270,928 votes against Ezekiel Machogu (UDA), who managed to get 82,104 votes in the 2022 general elections. The former Dagoreti North member of parliament recalled how he used to hawk sukumawiki to make a living.

Arati revealed how the First Lady Mama Rachael Ruto helped him get shillings 250 00 while she was a businesswoman in Nairobi.

“I have known the First Lady since Mama Rachael Ruto back in the days she was a businesswoman in the travel industry, and she is the first person who helped me get my first 250,000 shillings was her while I was in Nairobi, so today I want to thank you for the support you gave me back then, and it’s the money that I used to establish myself.” Said Simba

On her side, the First Lady thanked the people of Kisii county for being peaceful during the 2022 general elections. Also, she urged the clergy to continue praying for the leaders in power to get the wisdom to lead the nation and its people well.

“I want to thank God for bringing us this far; as you all know, we went to the general elections, and we thank God for the calmness we have experienced since then. I also thank our pastors and Bishops for the continued prayers you have been conducting for our nation. May the good Lord bless you.” Said the first Lady in part of her speech.

Her visit comes a few days after the President visited Luo Nyanza for a three-day working tour in which he launched projects and held discussions on matters of development with the elected leaders of Luo Nyanza.

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