The family of Macline Bochere from Nyabioto, Bonchari Kisii county, is in tears after their son Cyrus Osando who was a class eight candidate, disappeared from their neighbors’ house, and they have never seen him again.

Macline Bochere Osando remembers the day as if it was yesterday; it was on Saturday, 24/09/2022. She had gone to Kisii Town parish for a seminar, and she had sent her son to Botori village, Kitutu Chache south, where they had previously rented a house to pick a cockrel from a friend’s home. The boy, upon arrival, joined his friends in watching television.

The mother was worried that Cyrus hadn’t returned home since leaving home at 10:00 AM, the mother called the family where Cyrus had been sent, and her friend told her she was in a hospital in Kisii town. This prompted her to visit the home to search for her son.

After searching for the friends’ place, the boy was nowhere to be seen, the mother asked the friends’ kids whether they knew where Cyrus had gone, and their answer was heartbreak since they denied to have known his whereabouts.

While being interviewed by Mary Esther on her YouTube channel, the family said it’s yet to solve the puzzle on why their friend, whom she had called, lied to her when she was in her tneighbor’sors house at the time she was being called.

“Nilipoingia mahali Cyrus alikua anatazama televisheni na kuuliza ako wapi, watoto wa hiyo nyumba walidai kwamba Cyrus alikua ameondoka, baadaye nilipigia mama mwenye nyumba simu kubaini iwapo alikua anafahamu mahali huyo kijana alipo, alidai kuwa yeye ni mgonjwa na alikua anatibiwa mjini Kisii lakini baadaye nilikuja kugundua alikua amejificha kwa nyumba ya jirani yake” said Mackline

After the family’s search bore no fruits, they reported the matter to Nyanchwa police station, where the police escorted the mother to her friends’ house, and the boy was not there either. Police arrested the friend, but she was later released because there was no evidence to retain her in the cells.

The last time Cyrus left home, he was wearing black gumboots, black jeans trousers, a white shirt, and a black sweater. The family is appealing to the security personnel and members of the public to assist them in searching for their son, whom they last saw four months ago.