There was a sombre mood yesterday in Kiobegi, Nyamache Kisii County as two kids who were hacked to death by their father were buried.

The bizarre incident that happened a week ago, after a middle-aged man was arrested for hacking and killing his two children aged between two and three years over unknown reasons.

While confirming the incident, Nyamache OCPD Kipkulei Kipkemboi had said that the father after committing the crime, he dumped the minors in their farm and later on joined villagers in searching for the kids after their mother had raised alarm over their whereabouts.The two minors had deep cuts on their heads an indication that they could have been hacked with a machete.

While speaking at the burial yesterday, leaders led by Kisii County Women Representative Hon. Dorice Donya Aburi called upon the Kisii residents to live in peace and harmony rather than killing each other. The women representative also called on the government to provide more security in the county moreso on matters of food security.

“There has been a debate on food security and I want to ask the government to also consider Kisii county in providing security to farmers, we are loosing our food and animals due to the rampant theft in the region, we are being left to fight for ourselves like we don’t have the national government to provide security” the women representative said.

Her remarks came in after a man was recently stoned to death by Nyamira town residents after he was caught with a stolen sack of green maize. In the recent, many cases of brutality have been reported from both Kisii and Nyamira Counties which have brought in fear among the residents of the two counties.

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